20 Most Common Birds Found In London

Last updated: 29 July 2022

20 Most Common Birds Found In London

Londoners enjoy birdwatching as much as every other county in the UK, and the most common birds seen in gardens are generally similar to the rest of the country. We've put together this post to tell you what birds you can expect in your garden in London and how common they are:

The most common birds seen across gardens in the Greater London area:

A common bird sighted across London, the Chaffinch.

A common bird sighted across London, the Chaffinch.

Location and Seasonal Variation

The list can change on what area and part of London you're in, but this is an average across the whole of Greater London. For example, in Central London, you're mostly going to see Rock Doves (Feral Pigeons), and if you're in a greener part of London, you're much more likely to see more Blue Tits.

As the month's change, the frequency of sighting specific species of birds will change across London. For example, Winter generally means a lot more Robins are sighted in gardens than usual.

Less common birds seen across London

Birds that are slightly less common, but still frequently seen include:

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