Anas platyrhynchos



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Scientific name:

Anas platyrhynchos


Ducks, geese and swans

Conservation status:




51cm to 62cm


81cm to 98cm


750g to 1.5kg

About the Mallard

The mallard is a large member of the duck family here in the UK. They have long, wide bills and long bodies. Males have a very distinctive dark green head, yellow beak, grey on the body with a purple-brown breast. Females are mainly brown with orange bills.

When it comes to breeding, mallards breed all over the UK throughout summer and winter, in suitable wetland habitats. Mallards in the UK may be either resident breeders or migrants. It is common for breeding birds from Iceland and northern Europe to spend winter in the UK.

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What does a Mallard eat?

Their diets mainly consist of seeds, berries and acorns, insects, shellfish and plants.

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