Herring Gull

Larus argentatus

Herring Gull


54cm to 60cm


130cm to 150cm


690g to 1.44kg

About the Herring Gull

The herring gull is a large member of the gull family, which can be found all year round on our coasts and inland around refuse sites, reservoirs, lakes (especially during winter) and fields. They are also rather noisy characters.

Adults have white underparts, light grey backs and black tips on their wings. They have pink legs, with webbed feet and large, ever so slightly hooked bills that have a red spot. Younger birds have a mottled brown plumage.

What does a Herring Gull eat?

Herring Gulls are omnivorous, which means their diets consist of things like young birds, eggs, fish, small mammals, carrion, offal, fruits and seeds - pretty much anything!

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