Blithfield Reservoir

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Blithfield Reservoir, Rugeley, UK

Blithfield Reservoir

About Blithfield Reservoir

Blithfield Reservoir is an 800 acre, drinking water reservoir which has been open since 1953. It was opened by South Staffordshire Water to supply the nearby Burton-upon-Trent.

Due to the diverse mixture of woodland, farmland and reservoir, you can expect to see a diverse mixture of bird species all year round. There have been sightings off approximately 261 different species of birds - this is more than any other site in Staffordshire.

Blithfield Reservoir is considered one of the best places in the West Midlands to see Ospreys.

To access the shoreline and woodland areas, you must be a member of the West Midland Bird Club, who have exclusive rights to do so.

Non-members are able to see parts of the reservoir from several public areas including the car parks adjacent to it, a stretch of Watery Lane and along the causeway.

For more information about Blithfield reservoir and how to join, visit the west midland bird club website.

Map of Blithfield Reservoir

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