Little Ringed Plover

Charadrius dubius

Little Ringed Plover

Little Ringed Plover

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Charadrius dubius



Conservation status:




14cm to 15cm


42cm to 48cm


32g to 48g

About the Little Ringed Plover

This plover is a small bird with an easily recognisable black and white pattern on their heads, which is very similar to the ringed plover. Their beaks are black, legs are pale and upon close inspection have a distinctive yellow eye-ring.

In flight, the little ringed plover displays a plain, brown wing with no white bar on the wing, as the ringed plover has.

It was in 1938 that these birds first bred in the UK and have been successful here ever since, specifically thanks to man-made habitats - particularly gravel pits in England and Wales.

What does a Little Ringed Plover eat?

Their diets mainly consist of insects and aquatic invertebrates.

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