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Calidris canutus



Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Calidris canutus


Sandpipers, snipes and phalaropes

Conservation status:




23cm to 25cm


47cm to 54cm


125g to 215g

About the Knot

The knot is a small, wading bird that is short-legged and could be considered a little plump. In the summer, the belly, chest and face are all a bright red. In winter the knot is grey on top and white below.

Knots form large flocks in the winter and can be seen flashing their light underwings as they acrobatically turn in flight.

In the winter, large numbers of these birds visit the UK from the Arctic breeding grounds and spend their time predominately on the estuaries for feeding.

What does a Knot eat?

Their diets mainly consist of worms and shellfish.

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