Meadow Pipit

Anthus pratensis

Meadow Pipit


14.5cm to 22cm


25cm to 15cm



About the Meadow Pipit

The meadow pipit is a common songbird, particularly in upland areas. It is small and brown, with streaky colourings and produces a high, piping call which is a familiar sound to many. They can be quite hard to spot when they're amongst the vegetation and will fly up high with a jerky looking flight.

When flying, the tail feathers are white on the outer part and can be seen performing a fluttering 'parachute' display flight during the breeding season. When winter arrives, the meadow pipit often gathers in small flocks due to their sociable nature.

Since the mid-1970s, numbers of meadow pipits have been declining in the UK which includes this on the amber list of conservation concern.

What does a Meadow Pipit eat?

Their diets mainly consist of spiders, flies, moths and beetles.

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