Mediterranean Gull

Larus melanocephalus

Mediterranean Gull

Mediterranean Gull

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Larus melanocephalus


Gulls and terns

Conservation status:




36cm to 38cm


92cm to 100cm


230g to 280g

About the Mediterranean Gull

The Mediterranean gull has an all-black coloured head in the breeding season and is slightly larger than the black-headed gull. Adults have white tips on their wings with white underwings. Younger birds have more marks on their wings. The beak is large and bright red when the bird is an adult.

Until the 1950s, these birds were extremely rare in the UK. Nowadays, the Mediterranean gull is common in the winter and is gradually increasing.

What does a Mediterranean Gull eat?

Their diets consist of fish, offal, carrion and insects.

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