Long-Eared Owl

Asio otus

Long-Eared Owl

Long-Eared Owl

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Asio otus



Conservation status:




35cm to 37cm


84cm to 95cm


210g to 370g

About the Long-Eared Owl

The long-eared owl is a medium-sized member of the owl family, just slightly smaller in size than a woodpigeon. Often they appear as long and thin with feathers that stick out of their heads that are raised when alarmed. These are known as ear tufts but are in fact not actual ears. They have deep orange eyes, buffed-brown bodies with streaks that are a darker brown.

When it comes to breeding in the UK, this owl breeds very thinly across the country. Birds from the north will migrate to the south - this includes birds from Europe spending time in the winter here in the UK. Southern birds are generally residents and won't move far to find food.

What does a Long-Eared Owl eat?

Their diets mainly consist of small rodents, but in the winter they will eat small birds.

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