Long-Tailed Duck

Clangula hyemalis

Long-Tailed Duck

Long-Tailed Duck

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Clangula hyemalis


Ducks, geese and swans

Conservation status:




58cm to 60cm


73cm to 79cm


520g to 950g

About the Long-Tailed Duck

The long-tailed duck is a small sea duck and as the name suggests has long tail feathers. Their heads are small and round with straight-ish foreheads. In winter, males are predominately white with brown markings. Females are generally browner compared to males. When in flight, these ducks display their white bellies and dark wings.

These birds are visitors to the UK in winter and passage migrant. They're seen most commonly from northern Scotland to around Northumberland.

The long-tailed duck does not breed here in the UK, but it extremely important for their wintering sites to be protected as they are extremely vulnerable to oil pollution out at sea.

What does a Long-Tailed Duck eat?

Their diets mainly consist of small fish, clams, crabs, cockles and mussels.

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