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Red-Throated Diver

Gavia stellata

Red-Throated Diver

Red-Throated Diver

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Gavia stellata



Conservation status:




53cm to 69cm


106cm to 116cm


1.2kg to 1.6kg

About the Red-Throated Diver

The red-throated diver is the smallest of the divers here in the UK. They have the ability to stay underwater for up to a minute and a half, and will often jump up before diving.

They have slightly up-tilted bills and a grey and brown colouring - this makes it easier to distinguish from other species. When summer arrives, these birds have bright red necks that make them even more identifiable.

Red-Throated Divers are quite clumsy on land, so will only come onto land for breeding.

What does a Red-Throated Diver eat?

Their diets consist of fish.

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