Montagu's Harrier

Circus pygargus

Montagu's Harrier


43cm to 47cm


100cm to 120cm


225g to 450g

About the Montagu's Harrier

The Montagu's harrier is a medium-size, long-winged and tailed, slim bird of prey. These birds are slightly smaller than a buzzard and the wings are slightly more pointed than the closely related hen harrier. Males are grey from above with females being more of a dark brown colour. When flying, you'll see a black stripe on the inner wing and black on the tips of the wings.

The Montagu's harrier is an exceptionally rare breeding bird here in the UK. Breeding pairs require special protection. Generally, these birds are increasingly nesting on arable farmland instead of marshland.

They are visitors to the UK in summer and migrate to Africa during winter.

What does a Montagu's Harrier eat?

Their diets consist of rabbits, shrews, moles, small birds and insects.

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