Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve (RSPB)

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Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve, New Tank Hill Rd, Purfleet, South Ockendon, UK

Rainham Marshes is a nature reserve that is managed by the RSPB located in East London. It runs adjacent to the Thames Estuary in Purfleet, Thurrock and the London Borough of Havering. The site protects over 400 hectares of ancient, low-lying marshes and protects many species of birds.

This is the number one place for birdwatching in London and is by far the most popular. Because of the close location to the Thames, it attracts migrants and rarities. It's also one of the last remaining marshes in London, which makes it even more special.

Until the year 2000, Rainham Marshes was actually a firing range that the Military of Defence owned. It was opened to the public as a nature reserve in 2006. Since then, this large area of the wetland has helped support many breeding and wintering birds.

Rainham Marshes is split into three areas, the RSPB Reserve, the Ferry Lane end and the Tip - the tip is an active refuse dump, with no public access.

The RSPB Reserve is open daily from 9:30 am to 17:00 pm (16:30 pm between November and January). There are a boardwalk and trails around the reserve.

Along the river wall, you'll find a footpath that overlooks the reserve.

What are the most popular birds at Rainham Marshes?

There have been more than 225 different species sighted at Rainham Marshes.

The most popular 10 species of birds sighted are:

Other notable birds to try and spot at Rainham Marshes:

Map of Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve (RSPB)

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