Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)

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Brent Reservoir, London, UK

Brent reservoir welsh harp

About Brent Reservoir

Brent Reservoir is a large urban reservoir located in North West London - it's also known as the Welsh Harp. The reservoir is managed and owned by the Canal and River Trust. It is the boundary between the Brent and Barnet boroughs. The reservoir is a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the breeding waterbirds it is home to.

The reservoir was built in 1837 to serve as a feeder to the Grand Union Canal.

What birds can I expect to see at Brent Reservoir?

Because of the open water and associated habitats at Brent Reservoir, it attracts a large variety of wetland birds, which is unusual for an inner-city reservoir. There have been over 196 different species of birds sighted at Brent Reservoir.

Commonly seen birds are:

Map of Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)

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