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Alexandra Palace & Park, Alexandra Palace Way, London, UK

Alexandra Palace Park

About Alexandra Palace Park

Alexandra Palace Park is a 180-acre park located in the London Borough of Haringey, between Muswell Hill and Wood Green. The park itself sits high up, in the grounds of Alexandra Palace. There is a mixture of habitats including, formal gardens, open grassland and informal woodland.

The total number of birds species recorded in the park sits at 180, with the most recent being an Avocet back in March 2019. The woodland areas are home to species such as great spotted and green woodpeckers, nuthatches, stock doves, long-tailed tits and goldcrests.

There is a boating lake located near to the palace that attracts many species of wildfowl. Tufted ducks and common pochards are the regular visitors and can be seen most of the year. In winter, northern shovelers are often visitors.

During migration times, warblers are best found at the nearby Pavillion where there is an area of trees and shrubs. Warblers you can usually see, are the garden warbler and lesser whitethroat. Members of the Chat family are also usually sighted, with northern wheatears and whinchats being more frequent.

Grey and Pied Wagtails both breed locally and are both present all year round.

Access to Alexandra Palace Park

The closest tube station is Wood Green (Piccadilly Line). There is a closer station at Alexandra Palace overground station, which is operated by Great Northern railway services to Moorgate via Finsbury Park - both these connect to the Underground.

If you do plan on using the overground station, be aware there is a walk up a steep hill. It's much easier to catch the W3 bus that has stops all the way up the hill.

Map of Alexandra Palace Park

Popular bird sightings at Alexandra Palace Park

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