Phoenicurus phoenicurus






20cm to 24cm


11g to 19g


About Redstarts

The redstart is a small member of the chat family, that has a distinctive orange-red tail - the tail is constantly shaking up and down. They are comparable in size to a robin. They 'bob' up and down similar to a robin, but do tend to spend a lot less time on the ground.

Males have grey upperparts, orange rump and chests and black wings and faces. Females and juveniles are a lot duller looking than the vibrant male. They have brownish-grey upperparts, lighter, orange-buff lower parts and a light eye-ring. Juveniles are a mottled brown and can be confused with other juvenile birds like; robins, nightingales and black redstarts.

In the winter months, both male and female redstarts are less black and more of a brown colour.

What does a Redstart eat?

Their diets mainly consist of insects, but they'll also eat spiders, berries and worms.

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