Caprimulgus europaeus




26cm to 28cm


57cm to 64cm


65g to 100g


About the Nightjar

The nightjar is a nocturnal bird that can be seen hunting for food during dusk and dawn. They have a similar shape to kestrels and cuckoos, with long tails and pointed wings. They have a mottled brown plumage, which makes them extremely camouflaged during the daytime hours.

The nightjar does have some sort of a supernatural reputation. This is because they have an amazing, mythical ability to steal milk from goats and a light, noiseless flight. You'll often be made aware of a nightjars presence, by the male's song - which is like a sharp whirring or trilling sound.

What does a Nightjar eat?

Their diets consist of insects, which is mainly beetles and moths.

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