Marsh Harrier

Circus aeruginosus

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Circus aeruginosus


Kites, hawks and eagles

Conservation status:




48cm to 56cm


115cm to 130cm


400g to 800g

About the Marsh Harrier

The marsh harrier is the largest of the harrier family and is distinguishable by its long tail and wings that are held in a shallow 'V' shape during its light flight.

It is recognisable from other harriers due to its much larger size, broader wings and lack of white on the rump. The female marsh harrier is larger than the male and has a cream coloured head.

Historical declines and subsequent recovery are the reason the marsh harrier is listed on the Amber List, but its future in the UK is probably the best its ever been during the last century.

What does a Marsh Harrier eat?

Their diets consist of small mammals and birds.

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