Iceland Gull

Larus glaucoides

Iceland Gull

Iceland Gull

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Larus glaucoides


Gulls and terns

Conservation status:




52cm to 60cm


130cm to 158cm



About the Iceland Gull

The Iceland gull is smaller than the closely related herring gull and is considered a medium-sized member of the gull family. They have a dove-like expression on their face, this is due to the smaller beak and rounded head. The Iceland gull has light coloured plumage all over, with accompanying white wingtips, just like the glaucous gull.

These birds visit the UK during winter, and spends their breeding time in the Arctic. They are known to travel as far south as New York in the winter, in some cases.

What does an Iceland Gull eat?

Their diets consist mainly of fish - either alive or carrion.

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