Greylag Goose

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76cm to 89cm


147cm to 180cm


2.9kg to 3.7kg

Greylag Goose

About the Greylag Goose

The greylag goose is biggest and bulkiest member of the wild geese family native to the UK and Europe. They are also the ancestor to most domestic geese.

Due to declining numbers, birds were released in suitable areas and now found at lakes, reservoirs and gravel pits, are generally semi-tame and can be looked upon as many as uninspiring. They generally are in these places with the Canada Goose. If you want truly wild geese, then wintering and native flocks found in Scotland will give you just that.

What does a Greylag Goose eat?

Their diets mainly consist of roots, grass and spilt grain.

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