Great Black-Backed Gull

Larus marinus

Great Black-Backed Gull

Great Black-Backed Gull

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Larus marinus


Gulls and terns



64cm to 78cm


150cm to 165cm


1000g to 2kg

About the Great Black-Backed Gull

The great black-backed gull is a very large member of the gull family. They have large, yellow, powerful beaks with pinkish feet. Adults are much blacker than the younger birds.

Whilst perched, they can sometimes look hunched.

Like most other gulls, they are competitive for food and will fight off and chase other birds that try to snatch food.

What does a Great Black-Backed Gull eat?

Their diets mainly consist of carrion, shellfish and other birds.

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