Abberton Reservoir

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Essex Wildlife Trust Abberton Reservoir Nature Discovery Park, Church Road, Layer de la Haye, Colchester, UK

Abberton Reservoir

About Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir is a large wetland site that receives in excess of 40,000 visits from ducks, swans and geese each year. Internationally, this reservoir is extremely important for residents, migrant and winter visitors. Particularly for wild ducks, swans and other water birds. This reservoir is a welcomed sight to tired birds migrating on the eastern coast with tree plantations and a surrounding of pastures.

Cormorants nest in the trees here during the springtime - which is an uncommon sight. They've been doing this since 1981. When summer arrives, you can expect to see large numbers of ducks and swans moulting (where birds replace their worn-out feathers).

Winter sees a large number of wading birds visit, as water levels drop exposing large areas of mud. Waders such as the spotted redshank and ruff can be common sites during these times. The farmland surrounding the reservoir can attract thousands of golden plover in the winter, along with smaller numbers of migratory swans and geese.

For a chance of seeing the rarer birds, you're best of visiting Abberton Reservoir during the winter months. It's noted that an impressive list of rarities can visit during this time briefly.

Bird Hides at Abberton Reservoir

At the reservoir are 2 bird hides. One is situated in the new woodland and the other overlooking the reservoir.

Map of Abberton Reservoir

Popular bird sightings at Abberton Reservoir

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