Jynx torquilla



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Scientific name:

Jynx torquilla



Conservation status:

Former breeder



16cm to 17cm


25cm to 27cm


30g to 45g

The Wryneck is mainly a summer visitor to Mallorca and Europe, however, there is a very small resident population on the island. There are many sites where the birds can be viewed especially during migration. The best time to see these well-camouflaged birds is in the spring just prior to breeding when their highly recognisable call gives their location away. The birds can often be seen at the entrance to the Boquer Valley but more reliable sites are the car park at Lluc Monastery where there are several pairs. In the Tramuntana, there are two other good sites these being Cuber Reservoir and the Mortitx Natural Parc. There is a good site close to Alcudia which is the wooded mountain slopes above La Victoria restaurant where several pairs breed.

Technical description

Wryneck (Jynx torquilla) is a member of the woodpecker family and is mostly a breeding migrant to Europe wintering in tropical Africa and southern Asia but some are resident in North Africa and a few in Mallorca. It is found in a variety of habitats which include orchards, woodland and open countryside.

The Wryneck measures about 16.5 cm and has a slightly shorter bill than most woodpeckers. The upperparts are barred in shades of pale brown, rufous and black bars. Their underparts are cream speckled with brown. Their food is insects with ants a favourite which they find in decaying wood. The nest is in holes in trees and the clutch of eggs varies from seven to ten laid during May and June.

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