Short-Toed Lark

Calandrella brachydactyla

Short-Toed Lark

Short-Toed Lark

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Scientific name:

Calandrella brachydactyla










The Short Toed Lark is a summer migrant limited to specific locations and sightings will probably require special visits. The region known as Es Blanquer is probably the best place to see them, an area they also share with Stone Curlews and Thekla's Larks. The arable land near the coast to the north of Porto Colom is also a good location where Quail are often sighted in the spring.

Technical description

Short-Toed Lark (Calandrella brachydactyla) sometimes known as the greater short-toed lark is a small passerine bird. It breeds in southern Europe, north-west Africa, and across temperate Asia from Turkey and southern Russia to Mongolia. This is a small pale lark, smaller than the skylark. It is dark-streaked greyish-brown above and white below. It has a strong pointed bill that is pinkish with a grey culmen. It has a pale supercilium, dark patches on each side of its neck and a dark tail.

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