Pomarine Skua

Stercorarius pomarinus

Pomarine Skua

Pomarine Skua

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Stercorarius pomarinus



Conservation status:




46cm to 51cm


113cm to 125cm


550g to 900g

About the Pomarine Skua

The pomarine skua is a substantially sized sea bird - comparable to the size of a herring gull. There are two different colour variants of these skuas with the light having dark head caps with pale breasts. The dark variant is dark brown all over with small patches of white on the wings. They have long, spoon-shaped tail streamers.

These birds don't actually breed here in the UK but can be seen on the coasts during spring and autumn - as they are passage migrants. In winter pomarine skuas spend their time off the coast of West Africa.

What does a Pomarine Skua eat?

Their diets consist of fish and other birds, although when on breeding grounds, they will eat lemmings (a type of small rodent).

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