Hooded Crow

Corvus cornix

Hooded Crow

Hooded Crow

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Corvus cornix



Conservation status:




45cm to 47cm


93cm to 104cm


370g to 650g

About the Hooded Crow

Until recently, the hooded crow was regarded as the same species as the carrion crow, this comes down to their similarities. One of these being feeding on dead animals. Unlike carrion crow, the hooded crow tend to be more sociable when feeding and groups can be seen together in fields.

In areas where the two species overlap, some interbreeding can take place and you'll see birds with a mixed grey and black body plumage.

What does a Hooded Crow eat?

The hooded crow is oomnivorous, and their diets consist of young birds, eggs, carrion, grain and invertebrates.

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