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Grey Partridge

Perdix perdix

Grey Partridge

Grey Partridge

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Perdix perdix


Pheasants and partridges

Conservation status:









About the Grey Partridge

Contrary to popular belief (and the Christmas song), the grey partridge is a ground bird and won't be found in a pear tree! They are usually found in groups of up to 16 (known as coveys) outside the breeding season.

They have a distinctive orange face, grey-ish brown feathers, chestnut tails and short dark beaks. It is considered a medium-sized bird and flys with whirring wings with the occasional glide.

Grey partridges have been extremely common and widespread historically but have unfortunately undergone series declines. They are now considered a Red List species.

What does a Grey Partridge eat?

Their diets mainly consist of seeds, leaves and insects.

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