Acres Down (New Forest)

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Acres Down Car Park, Minstead, Ringwood, UK

Acres Down (New Forest)

About Acres Down in the New Forest

Acres Down is a beautiful bird watching and walking location in the New Forest in Hampshire. It's located approximately 2km from the hamlet of Minstead. The walking route here takes roughly an hour to complete and it takes you through forested pines and ancient woodlands.

It's considered a very good birding site and is particularly good for seeing birds such as the Firecrest, Goshawk and Hawfinch. When summer arrives, you can also expect to see the occasional Honey Buzzard and Wood Warbler.

There is a small car park located at the farmhouse. The farmhouse is well worth a visit as they are known to do excellent cream teas.

Map of Acres Down (New Forest)

Popular bird sightings at Acres Down (New Forest)

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