Alca torda





37cm to 39cm


63cm to 67cm


590g to 730g

About the Razorbill

The razorbill is a midsized member of the seabird family. They have black upperparts, white lower parts and chunky black beaks.

The largest colonies of these birds can be found in Scotland, but they do breed around the UK's coasts - although there are no breeding birds from the Humber all the way down to the Isle of Wight.

Razorbills will only come to shore for two reasons usually; breeding and during the winter in the northern Atlantic.

Declining fish stocks, fishnets and pollution all are a threat to the future of these birds. The marine environment needs to be kept in a healthy state to help with the future.

What does a Razorbill eat?

Their diets consist of fish. They particularly love herrings, sandeels and sprats.

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