Manx Shearwater

Puffinus puffinus

Manx Shearwater

Manx Shearwater

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Puffinus puffinus


Petrels and shearwaters

Conservation status:




30cm to 38cm


76cm to 82cm


350g to 450g

About the Manx Shearwater

The Manx shearwater is a small member of the shearwater family. They have black upperparts, white lower parts and long and straight wings.

This shearwater flies with a series of swift, stiff beats to the wings over the seas surface.

These birds breed in colonies in the UK, usually offshore on islands - this is because it's clear of rats and other ground predators that pose a risk.

What does a Manx Shearwater eat?

Their diets consist of fish, particularly herrings, sprats and sardines.

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