Sub Alpine Warbler

Sylvia cantillans

Sub Alpine Warbler

Sub Alpine Warbler

    The Sub Alpine Warbler is a relatively rare summer migrant with a seasonal population on the Island estimated to be around one thousand. This bird tends to favour specific locations including The Boquer Valley, the road up to the Cap de Formentor, Cap Blanc and the coastal area at Porto Colom.

    Technical description

    Subalpine Warbler (Sylvia cantillans) is a small typical warbler which breeds in the southernmost areas of Europe and northwest Africa. This small passerine bird is migratory, and winters along the southern edge of the Sahara. Like most Sylvia species, it has distinct male and female plumages. The adult male has a grey back and head, brick-red underparts, and white malar streaks (“moustaches”). The female is mainly brown above, with a greyer head and whitish below with a pink flush. The subalpine warbler’s song is fast and rattling.

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    Quick Facts


    Scientific name:

    Sylvia cantillans







    15cm to 18cm


    10g to 15g

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