Brent Goose

Branta bernicla

Brent Goose

Brent Goose

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Branta bernicla


Ducks, geese and swans

Conservation status:




56cm to 61cm


110cm to 120cm


130g to 160g

About the Brent Goose

Small for a goose (comparable to the size of a mallard), the brent goose is mainly dark with grey, white and brown. They have a black neck and head, with a pale or dark belly - this depends on the race. Adults have a small white patch on their necks.

They are often seen flying spaced out within their flocks along the coast, unlike grey geese who fly in a tight formation.

What does a Brent Goose eat?

Their diets mainly consist of vegetation, especially eel-grass.

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