Do Birds Eat Apples? A Guide to Safe and Healthy Feeding

Do Birds Eat Apples? A Guide to Safe and Healthy Feeding

Key takeaways

  • Birds' Fondness for Apples: Many bird species, including cardinals, sparrows, woodpeckers, blackbirds, robins and lorikeets enjoy eating apples. Apples offer a nutritious addition to their natural diet, providing essential carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Preparing Apples for Birds: To safely feed birds apples, it's recommended to use organic, pesticide-free apples and remove the seeds, which contain cyanide that can be harmful to birds. Cutting apples into wedges or creating a natural bowl filled with water can make it easier for birds, including hummingbirds, to feed.
  • Benefits of Apples for Birds: Apples are beneficial for birds as they provide simple carbohydrates for energy, fiber for digestion, protein for muscle strength, vitamin A for eyesight, and vitamin C for stress management. Magnesium and potassium in apples also support brain function and heart health in birds.
  • Feeding Apples to Birds: Apples can be left out in yards, either on the ground or in bird feeders, to attract various bird species. They are especially useful in winter when food is scarce. It's important to remove rotten apples and avoid leaving apple cores, as birds typically don't eat them, and they might attract unwanted wildlife.

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Birds naturally visit our homes looking for delicious bugs to eat or simply to take a break. However, if you'd like to see more birds appear outside your home, then there are simple measures you can take, like planting flowers, trees, or shrubs. But there is one delicious treat that will definitely bring many visitors to your home and make them come back for more.

Apples are a natural and delicious food that all birds enjoy eating. Safe and nutritious, apples are great additions to a bird's natural diet.

Next time you visit the store, make sure you pick up an extra apple or two for your flying friends. But we advise you that it's important to buy organic and pesticide-free apples and make sure that you remove the seeds.

That way, you can give birds the most natural product you can find. When you arrive home, slice the apples into wedges and place them around your yard.

As they eat, they are consuming the best diet that nature has to offer. Carbohydrates are essential for a bird's health, but if they receive too much, then they are in danger of gaining unhealthy weight.

Apples have simple carbs, which are an excellent source for birds to gain energy without overdoing it on sugar.

Starling eating an apple on the ground

Starling eating an apple on the ground

Apples also pack a fitting amount of fiber. Humans are recommended to eat their fair share for digestive purposes, and the same is true for birds. An apple is a perfect fit to get its daily dose of fiber.

As birds travel, they are always susceptible to the dangers of nature, but with good consumption of protein, they can keep their strength. Apples produce a fair amount of protein that provides strong muscles and tissue.

They will also be given Vitamin A, which will enhance a bird's eyesight as they soar through the sky. And Vitamin C, which will help deal with the stress of their lives. The magnesium inside of the apple gives the bird's brain the ability to function better and improve its heart patterns. The potassium will enhance their nerve function while lowering their blood pressure.

An apple for a bird is the magical fruit that will give them the powers they need to have a wonderful life. It will protect them from health problems and enhance their natural abilities. Apples are one of the healthiest treats that you can offer a bird in your yard, and you will receive more and more visitors as time proceeds.

Three red-collared barbets eating apples from a apple bird feeder

Three red-collared barbets eating apples from a apple bird feeder

Make sure you leave out the apples during high feeding times and remove any rotten apples before the day ends. You want to give birds the freshest and healthiest ingredients. You can always leave the apples on the ground in your yard or simply make use of your bird feeder.

A bird feeder will protect them from the dangers of ground prey, and you can easily admire them from your desired area. Most birds enjoy a fresh apple, but you may find some birds are pickier eaters than others. Some may even skip the apples altogether and enjoy a bug instead. Don't become offended when this happens; you may just need to understand why birds are rejecting your apples.

What types of birds eat apples?

The most common birds that will enjoy a nice apple are cardinals, sparrows, thrashers, tanagers, woodpeckers, bluebirds, blackbirds, orioles, robins, wrens, waxwings, lorikeets, starlings, crows, jays and fieldfares. Of course, many birds will enjoy this simple treat, but these birds are sure to enjoy the treat every time they spot it.

This list is not definitive, as many other different species of birds will also enjoy and consume apples; however, these are the most common species that do so.

If the regular birds in your area don’t seem to enjoy the last batch, you left out maybe try a different type of apple. Just like humans, birds may prefer one variety over the other. The fun is to test it out for yourself.

Waxwing eating an apple from apple tree

Waxwing eating an apple from apple tree

How do birds eat apples?

Birds have an instinct to eat a fresh apple, but to make things easy for them – cut the apples into wedges for them to enjoy. For a unique method, you can scoop out the inside of the apple to create a natural bowl. Fill that section with water and place it outside for hummingbirds as a natural hummingbird feeder.

What types of apples do birds eat?

There is not one apple that is not healthy for a bird to eat. You just have to make sure the apple is free of pesticides and is organic. If a bird does not enjoy a certain apple, maybe switch it out for another. This means birds will happily consume apples, including crab apples and cooking apples.

Do birds eat apples from trees?

Birds will naturally flock to an apple tree. If you are lucky enough to have one on your property, then it is obvious that birds love snacking on the tree. When winter approaches, leave the apples on the tree, and the birds will continue to eat them even after they have rotted.

Common Blackbird eating an apple from a tree

Common Blackbird eating an apple from a tree

Do birds eat apples in the winter?

We know that birds migrate during the winter, but many do stay behind. Just because the seasons have changed does not mean you have to stop providing apples. It’s probably the best time to put apples in your yard because the food will be scarce for them in the winter. Continue to leave out apples for birds so they can continue to eat during the harsh winter season.

Do birds eat apple seeds?

Apple seeds contain low levels of cyanide which is not harmful to humans in low dosage but is for birds. Although birds eat the apples freely in nature, you do not want to risk the death of a bird in your backyard. Make sure to remove the seeds from the apples before putting them outside.

Do birds eat apple cores?

Birds will typically not eat an apple core. And as you remove the seeds from the apple, remove the core as well. Birds will leave the core behind as they finish the apple, which will attract other wildlife to your homes, such as rats or mice. Removing the seeds and the core is a sure way for the bird to enjoy the whole apple without the dangers of poising or infestation.

Do birds eat apple skin?

The skin of an apple is perfectly safe for a bird to eat. However, it is a more sour taste than the sweetness of the apple, so some birds might eat around the skin while others will gladly finish the whole slice.

Can parrots eat apples?

Parrots love apples and can be a great and important source of nutrients for them. Although, before feeding them, ensure that the seeds are removed as they can be harmful.

Consider feeding occasional apples to your pet parrots from time to time as a sweet treat.

Pet parrot eating apple from hand

Pet parrot eating apple from hand

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