Crow Puns: Our Collection of Funny Crow Puns

Crow Puns: Our Collection of Funny Crow Puns

    Need a few crow puns to share with your crow-nies? Calling all crow pun lovers! Just for a bit of fun, we've put together a list of some of the best and most hilarious crow puns to help brighten up your day.

    I stole seven crows yesterday.

    Got away with murder.

    A crow invited his buddies over to hang out but they didn’t show up.

    He was charged with attempted murder.

    I heard some crows communicating after one of their own was injured.

    They were caws for concern.

    Have you ever heard of the Crows Law Of Energy Conservation?

    It's also known as the Law of Caws and Effect.

    Where do crows go to get educated?


    There was a recent study showing that crows were hit a lot more by trucks than cars...

    they came to the conclusion that this was because crows can warn each other by going "CAAAR CAAAR" but can't say "TRUCK TRUCK".

    What do you call two crows flying together?

    An attempted murder

    Two crows land on a park bench.

    They were arrested for conspiring to murder.

    What kind of crows always stick together...


    Why are crows so interesting?

    Just beCAWse

    What do you call a noisy group of crows?

    A caw-cophony!

    My roommate tried to keep two crows in our apartment as pets.

    The cops arrested him for attempted murder.

    What do you call a white crow?

    A caw-casian.

    A bunch of crows ganged up and killed a chicken.

    It was a murder most fowl.

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