Ternelles Valley

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molí, camí de Ternelles, Pollença, Serra de Tramuntana, Balearic Islands, 07460, Spain

Ternelles Valley

The Ternelles Valley is situated on the Soller road just outside of Pollenca in the Ternelles estate which is a stunning site located in the Serra de Tramuntana. It comprises of a mountain pathway which goes through mixed woodland with a riverbed at the side and is great during the spring and summer for breeding species such as Nightingales and spotted flycatchers in additional to the normal resident Serins and Firecrests.access to the sea cliffs. There is a path that leads to the Castell Del Rei which sits above the cliff and overlooking the sea a splendid location with amazing scenery and on the cliff face below the castle is where black vultures nest. During migration, this area is wonderful for sightings of for migrating birds including Montagu’s Harrier, Hobby and Honey Buzzards, Pallid Swifts as well as breeding Crag Martins and both Balearic and Sardinian Warblers. The site is however mostly visited during the year for its mountainous birds of prey the Black Vulture which not only can be easily seen, the Booted Eagle as well as many Ravens and during the winter hundreds of Black Redstart as well as song thrushes. During the breeding season, the vultures breed on the castle walls however this is strictly out of bounds.

Close by is the area of Mortitx which consists of mountain walks leading to the coast. This site provides good views of both Black and Griffon Vultures in addition to Peregrine Falcons, Booted Eagles, Stone Curlews and Wrynecks. There is also the chance of the very rare Bonellis Eagle which has been reintroduced here.

During winter Bramblings and Hawfinches can be seen here whilst Ravens and Firecrests nest here.

Grade of difficulty: 2

Toilet facilities are not available

Access is by permit only which can be obtained from the tourist office in Pollença and Puerto Pollensa. A good idea is to use a local tour guide and they will arrange it all as well as show you some of the culture that is here as well.

Recommended tour guides is Mallorca Natural Tours

Ternelles Valley

Map of Ternelles Valley

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