Lluc Monastery (Santuari de Lluc)

Site location


Lluc Sanctuary, 1, Plaça dels Peregrins, Lluc, Escorca, Serra de Tramuntana, Balearic Islands, 07315, Spain

Lluc Monastery (Santuari de Lluc)

Lluc Monastery (Santuari de Lluc) is a well-visited site and very popular with tourists especially busy in the summer. It is located in the Serra de Tramuntana on the road between Soller and Pollenca. It is also the home of the head office and visitors centre of the Tramuntana which is located at the bottom of the car park. The car park and the picnic area are great places to hear and see Wrynecks. In the sky overhead, you can often see both Griffon and Black Vultures as well as Ravens and Booted Eagles.

Map of Lluc Monastery (Santuari de Lluc)

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