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Isla de Cabrera National Park

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s'Observatori, Camí del Faro, Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain

Cabrera 8 2020 10 09 114355

Cabrera is a group of Islands located south of the main island of Mallorca which can be reached by boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi (provided the weather is favourable). The Island has been given National Park status and visiting is an unforgettable experience with stunning bays, fantastic cliffs and very mixed landscape. Arriving by boat you will see in September Eleonras and Peregrine falcons on the cliffs and possibly Osprey as a few pairs breed on the cliffs.

Cabrera is an excellent place to view migrants, especially in the autumn when it is the last stop-off for many birds before their final journey to wintering grounds. Many rarities are recorded here such as Collared flycatcher but almost anything is possible. The only way to get on the island is by boat which several leave each day with different options including snorkelling in the stunning blue cave. On arrival, there is a small cafe shop as well as a visitors centre.

There is a lighthouse a short walk from the port and the surrounding scrubland is good for landing migrants and each year thousands of Chats, Warblers and Thrushes pass through. The small hill named Miranda is worth visiting to view migrating raptors and also for spotting arriving birds.

Within the same area up until the Autumn breeding, Balearic and Sardinian Warblers and numerous Eleanora’s Falcons often seen teaching their young to hunt.

Map of Isla de Cabrera National Park

Map of Isla de Cabrera National Park

Map of Isla de Cabrera National Park

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