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Cuber Reservoir

Site location


Cúber, GR-221, Escorca, Serra de Tramuntana, Balearic Islands, 07109, Spain

Cuber 1

From Pollensa head into the Tramuntana mountains on the road signposted to Soller and you will find this site halfway between Lluc monastery and Soller. On arrival at the Reservoir, you will see car parks on your left and clearly marked footpaths but the best one is the circular route which includes a walk around the dam at the far end.

In the spring and summer, this is an excellent site for raptors and as you reach the dam, the cliffs close by are worth looking up at as both Black and Griffon Vultures can be seen as well as Booted Eagles, Ospreys and Eleanora’s Falcons.

The Reservoir is also a good site for Cirl Buntings, Blue Rock Thrush and Wryneck as well as migrating species such as Redstart, Wheatears and Wagtails. Spectacled and Sub Alpine Warblers (Moltonis warbler) are also present in the summer with a pair of Moltoni’s warblers normally breeding in the scrub near the dam.

En-route to this site from Pollensa, you will pass the signpost for the Lluc Monastery which affords great views of both Griffon and Black Vultures, Booted Eagles, Firecrests and Wrynecks, some of which can be found in the car park.

Grade of difficulty: 1

Toilet facilities are not available

Map of Cuber Reservoir

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