Red Grouse

Lagopus lagopus

Red Grouse

Red Grouse

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Lagopus lagopus



Conservation status:




377cm to 42cm


55cm to 66cm


650g to 750g

About the Red Grouse

The red grouse is a medium-sized game bird. They are a reddish-brown colour all over and have pale feathers that cover their legs and feet. their bills are slightly hooked and short tails.

Red Grouse are resident birds in the UK and breed in the uplands in the north and west. During their lives, these birds don't tend to travel very far at all.

Numbers of these birds are sadly declining and this could be down to the loss of heather moorlands or perhaps disease.

What does a Red Grouse eat?

Their diets consist of seeds, insects, berries and heather.

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