Blue Jay Symbolism: Unpacking the Legends and Lore of This Bold Bird

Blue Jay Symbolism: Unpacking the Legends and Lore of This Bold Bird

Known for their intelligence and mimicry skills almost as much as their distinctive blue plumage, blue jays are said to symbolize a range of different traits, situations, and opportunities.

Blue Jays are known to symbolize both positive and negative associations, among them warnings about trust and trickery within your inner circle, optimism that good fortune lies ahead, and encouragement to pursue your dreams and goals.

We’ll be looking into the different spiritual associations and symbolic meanings of blue jays to different cultures, and exploring what it means to dream of blue jays.

So if you’re interested in finding out more about what seeing a blue jay may represent, then you’re in the right place!

Blue Jays have both positive and negative associations

Blue Jays have both positive and negative associations

What do Blue Jays symbolize?

Bold and fearless backyard visitors, blue jays have strong and powerful symbolic meanings in many different cultures.


Blue jays have a certain significance in Christianity, where they are interpreted as a symbol of faithfulness and dedication, and represent the importance of persistence. They are sometimes viewed as messengers between heaven and Earth, due to their blue feathers matching the color of the sky.

Native American tradition

Native American tradition states that seeing a blue jay is an omen of good fortune for anyone who crosses its path. Blue jays also represent change ahead, and guidance and encouragement for the future.

Some believe them to symbolize a connection with death, offering guidance as people pass on to the afterlife. Chinook culture identifies blue jays as benevolent tricksters that are protective towards humans, but with comical and somewhat foolish traits.

General symbolism

In more general terms, blue jays are frequently regarded as a sign that good news is on the cards, for example that someone in the household may soon be getting a letter, money or be about to celebrate a positive or happy event. Blue jay sightings may also signify an imminent birth.

On a slightly more ominous note, others believe that spotting a blue jay nearby may indicate the death of someone close to you. The symbolism of blue jays and death is not always a literal one, and can mean that a situation you are facing in your life is beyond repair and you should walk away from anything negative in order to move forward.

More often than not, Blue Jays are associated with positivity

More often than not, Blue Jays are associated with positivity

Spiritual Meaning of Blue Jays

Some people believe that seeing a blue jay carries an important and encouraging spiritual message, advising you to trust your instinct, follow your dreams, take risks, and have the courage to be different.

Faithfulness, solidarity, courage, and spiritual growth are common themes associated with blue jays.

As aggressive, territorial birds, blue jays sometimes have the reputation as being a fierce and tenacious presence, and this explains why they have spiritual associations with assertiveness, determination and loyalty, reinforcing the message that you should be true to yourself and fight for what you believe is right.

Seeing a flock of blue jays flying together in the same direction has a strong spiritual meaning, particularly for those seeking guidance over an important decision.

It serves as a reminder that strength is gained from working with others, and although valuable, independence is not always the only way to achieve greatness.

Blue Jay perched on a branch

Blue Jay perched on a branch

Seeing a Blue Jay and Cardinal together

The stark contrast between the vibrant blue plumage of a blue jay and the brilliant scarlet feathers of a cardinal is striking, and would offer a memorable sight on any backyard bird feeder or lawn.

There are several interpretations for what a joint visit from this pair of colorful avians might represent, with the overriding theme being one of hope and optimism.

The visual difference between these two distinctive birds, especially when seen in each other’s company, summons up a message of tolerance and encouragement of diversity.

Classed as a rare and golden opportunity, witnessing a blue jay in the company of a cardinal, is believed to signify good fortune on the horizon or positive changes ahead.

Blue Jay and a Northern Cardinal perched in a tree together

Blue Jay and a Northern Cardinal perched in a tree together

If you find a Blue Jay feather meaning

If you’re lucky enough to spot a blue jay feather on the ground, then your life may be about to take a turn for the better. One belief closely connected to blue jay feathers states they are a sign of positivity and an encouragement to follow one’s dreams, as great things are in store.

Self-healing and determination are two themes commonly linked to blue jay feathers, and finding one can serve as a timely reminder to stay focused, offering guidance when faced with difficult decisions.

In some Native American cultures, blue jay feathers represent a visit from a messenger between the human and spirit world, and are valued as a sign of wisdom, loyalty and trust, or as reassurance that you’re doing OK in life.

Blue Jay in a tree with cherry blossom

Blue Jay in a tree with cherry blossom

If a Blue Jay appears in your dream

The significance of dreaming of a blue jay changes according to what the bird was doing. While generally considered a symbol of hope and good fortune, there may be different interpretations depending on whether the blue jay that visited your dreams was in flight, singing, chasing or attacking, or imitating you.

Dreaming of blue jays in flight may represent peace and harmony and that you will achieve your future goals, perhaps effortlessly. If the blue jay in your dreams was singing, then it signifies good times ahead and warns you to appreciate those around you who have supported and helped you.

If the blue jay in your dream was chasing or attacking, then it may symbolize fears or anxiety in your subconscious, and suggest you need to face these fears and resolve any difficult situations.

An imitating blue jay may indicate some form of threat ahead, either in the form of internal conflict over a decision you face making, or advising you to be wary of the people around you.

Blue Jay perched behind a branch, making direct eye contact

Blue Jay perched behind a branch, making direct eye contact

Blue Jays in popular culture

Blue jays have been adopted as mascots by educational institutions and major sports teams, as regional symbols, and even as major characters in long-running TV series.

Major League Baseball side the Toronto Blue Jays’ well-known mascot Ace appears at the club’s home games. Blue jays are also official mascots of John Hopkins, Creighton and Elmhurst universities, as well as the provincial bird of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island.

Animated sitcom Regular Show, which ran for 8 seasons from 2010 to 2017, featured a blue jay, named Mordecai, as one of the main characters.

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