Lapland Bunting

Calcarius lapponicus

Lapland Bunting

Lapland Bunting

Quick Facts


Scientific name:

Calcarius lapponicus



Conservation status:




15cm to 16cm


25.5cm to 28cm


20g to 28g

About the Lapland Bunting

The lapland bunting is comparable in size to the reed bunting but is ever so slightly larger. Most of the body is covered by a chestnut sort of colour accompanied by a distinctive pattern on the head. Most of the time, these birds can be found on the ground and sometimes in small flocks.

Lapland buntings are quite rare to see here in the UK, but occasional birds can be found in Scotland during the summer, where the bird will have a distinctive black throat, face and crown.

What does a Lapland Bunting eat?

Their diets mainly consist of seeds.

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