Honey Buzzard

Pernis apivorus

Honey Buzzard


52cm to 60cm


135cm to 150cm


600g to 1.1kg

About the Honey Buzzard

The honey buzzard is a large bird of prey, that has a long tail and broad wings - they are similar to buzzards. Their plumage varies vastly depending on the age of the bird, but adults tend to be a grey-ish brown colour with light underparts.

Honey Buzzard numbers are on the rise, and this could be put down to the maturing conifer forests maturing in the uplands. These birds are visitors to the UK in summer and spend winters in Africa.

Any nesting site of these birds is kept secret to keep away egg collectors.

What does a Honey Buzzard eat?

Their diets mainly consist of insect larvae or wasps and bees.

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