What Does a Robins Nest Look Like?

Robins are one of the most recognisable birds in our gardens around the country. Not only are they one of the easiest birds to identify, but they are also one of the most vocal and can be heard singing in gardens throughout the year, day or night.

One of the things we get asked most frequently when people find nests in their garden and people who are intrigued is, what does a robins nest look like?

What does a Robins nest look like?

Robins will usually nest on the ground in a secure, concealed cavity. This generally includes tree roots, piles of logs, climbing plants and any nook or cranny. They aren't fussy when it comes to location and have a reputation for nesting in the most unusual places. This includes areas like under car bonnets, farm machinery, sheds, hanging baskets, old kettles, coat pockets and even boots!

Nests are usually constructed of dead leaves, moss and lining of hair. The shape of the nest resembles a cup shape, and nests are built by female Robins alone.

Robins are secretive birds, and can often abandon their nests if they think someone has discovered it, so please take caution if you believe there is a Robin nesting nearby - particularly around egg-laying times (March).

Robins nest on the ground

Robins nest on the ground

What colour are Robins eggs?

It's commonly thought that Robins have blue eggs; this partly down to a colour being named 'Robin egg blue', which is also known as eggshell blue.

In fact, American Robins have blue coloured eggs, but the Robin we have in the UK (European Robin) has white speckled, cream or buff coloured eggs with reddish-brown markings on them.

Robins nest with eggs inside

Robins nest with eggs inside

When do Robins lay eggs?

Robins will lay between two and three clutches of usually between 5 and 6 eggs during the breeding season. This generally occurs during March in the UK, meaning that Juvenile Robins will usually fledge the nest towards the end of March.

One egg is usually laid each day, first thing in the morning.

Did you know?

A complete clutch can make up to 90% of a female Robins body weight.

Will Robins use a nestbox?

Robins will use nest boxes, but they will need to have open fronts and placed away in a concealed location - climbers or other vegetation seem to work well.

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