Birdwatching through the Coronavirus pandemic

Last updated: 1 March 2021

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Birdwatching through the Coronavirus pandemic

A recent poll conducted ahead of the Big Garden Birdwatch by the RSPB and YouGov has shown that over 60% of people have said hearing bird song and seeing birds has helped to bring enjoyment to their life since the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis.

The survey also revealed that over half the participants believed during the coronavirus pandemic that they have become more conscious of nature and the things surrounding them. Over 40% of people asked said they've noticed wildlife they've not seen or paid attention to in the last 12 months.

The Chief Executive of the RSPB, Beccy Speight, said: "Lockdowns have brought few benefits, but the last year has either started or reignited a love of nature for many people. Nature is soul-food to us humans. The results of this survey indicate we may emerge from this pandemic a new generation of nature lovers".

It wasn't just seeing nature that came out of the survey. 44% of people have been positively helping wildlife in their local area, doing things like supplying food and water. 42% of those people helping the birds and wildlife in their area went on to share their newly found appreciation of nature with others.

Obviously, the pandemic has been one of the most challenging times of our lives, but we've got to try to take some positivity out of it. We've personally found that life has slowed down and with more people working from home has allowed people to have more time to get out into the fresh air.

Once you start opening your eyes more to the wildlife we have here in the UK, you can appreciate how some of the smaller things, like the birds, really are just beautiful and can brighten up those dull days.

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